Welcome to Budget-Mum! My name is Hannah but most people in my house call me Mum. I have three children, one husband and a very aggressive cat. Like many other families we run on love, laughter and a low income. Here I share my parenting experiences, ideas and tips for how to keep your kids happy, your family fed, and still have enough money left over for a bottle of wine!

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Christmas Cinnamon Biscuits

These biscuits are great for baking at Christmastime. They are cheap to make, extremely easy to do and make your house smell wonderful. You Will Need 200g Margarine 150g Caster sugar 400g Plain flour 2 egg yolks 2 tsp cinnamon For decorating: Green fondant icing Red fondant icing 1 tbsp icing sugar Water Writing icing…Continue reading »

Decorating with a Difference

It is officially the most magical time of the year if you’re financially secure and don’t have kids. If, like me, you are not financially secure, have a few kids and more cousins than you can count, then the most wonderful time of the year quickly becomes the most stressful time of year. Throw in…Continue reading »

A Decade of Motherhood

Over the weekend, while the rest of the world seemed to be putting up their Christmas trees, we had our own celebration. A decade ago, on a snowy night in November, I welcomed to the world, via forceps, a 7lb 14.5oz baby girl. She had brown eyes and a mass of dark spikey hair sticking…Continue reading »

No-Go November

So, how is everyone holding up? Let me start by saying that lockdown 2.0 has hit me hard. During the first lockdown, I felt focused and on the ball. Some days were tough, but we managed well; we played, we home-schooled, we walked through miles of countryside and spent quality time as a family that…Continue reading »


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