Alien Fish Cakes

Alien Fish Cakes

This is the kind of meal you can really get creative with. Mix it up with different vegetables or prep the ingredients and let your little ones create their own alien faces. Whichever way you choose to do it, aliens are always a hit in our house.

You Will Need

1 Packet Round Fishcakes

1 Pepper (whichever colour is preferred)

1 Stick Celery

Babybel Cheese (or similar)

½ Cucumber

Cocktail Sausages (Sliced)

Handful Salad Leaves


Cook the fishcakes as per the packet instructions.

Chop the celery and cucumber into thick chunks. Slice the pepper into crudités.

Slice the babybel down the centre so you have 2 circles. Cut one of the circles in half and the other into quarters.

Slice the cocktail sausages.

To construct the alien start by placing the fishcake in the centre of the plate. Use the cheese quarters as teeth, the celery as feet and the pepper as arms. Lay the babybel halves on top of halved cucumber slices and then position a slice of cocktail sausage on the babybel to make eyes. Finish off with a cucumber chunk nose and a handful of salad leaves for hair.

Other Ideas

This is the kind of meal you can really get creative with. Replace any of the vegetables with alternatives for a different kind of alien. You may choose to substitute cucumber for carrot, or pepper for green beans, you could use cherry tomatoes or radish for eyes. You may also wish to use sugar snap peas as a mouth instead of cheese quarters. Be as imaginative as you like.

Another option is to give your children the ingredients and see what they can come up with.   

Also, if your children are not fans of fish, you could use any kind of savoury or vegetarian bake. Aldi do a selection of Crispbakes including cheese & onion and corned beef. Last time I went shopping, there were priced at £1.09 for a pack of 2. They are always well received and are my go to for mixing it up at lunchtime.

One thought on “Alien Fish Cakes

  1. These were greatly received in my household this lunch time! Thanks for another excellent idea to bring fun and creativity to meal time!


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