Roar-some Dinosaur Pancakes

Roar-some Dinosaur Pancakes

Novelty food always goes down well in our house. Especially if it is dinosaur themed. It’s a great way to get extra fruit into the kids diets without them even realising!

You Will Need

1 Large Pancake (I buy Aldi’s American style pancakes but ASDA do a great Baker’s Selection pack of 5 pancakes in a range of flavours for £1)

4-5 Chunks of Melon (whichever flavour is preferred)

½ Banana

2-3 Strawberries

Chocolate Chips (optional)


Cut the pancake in half and stack them in the centre of the plate. This will form the body.

Slice the banana lengthways and place half of the banana at the side of the pancake to make the tail.

Slice the remaining banana and use the slices to make the feet of the dinosaur.

Position the melon chunks beneath the feet to create a rocky ground.

Halve one of the strawberries and position this to form the head of the dinosaur.

Slice the remaining strawberries and place these along the back of the dinosaur to create spikes down the spine.

You can use a chocolate chip for the eye.

Other Ideas

This is great as a themed snack or breakfast dish. If you don’t have strawberries, you could use satsuma segments or mango chunks as spikes instead.  

If you also don’t want to buy a whole melon you could buy ready prepped melon chunks and use a selection of different melon for the ground. If your little ones don’t like melon, try using pineapple instead.  

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